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Scroller Gallery – The Scroller Gallery is a sleek way to organize a group of photos. The user can scroll through the photos using the next and previous arrows. Maximum number of images per gallery is 12, and can be changed at any time and linked to other pages on or off the site. You can have an unlimited number of scroller galleries on a site.

This sample gallery has images showing sequentially (they can also scroll randomly).

The image size is specified when the gallery is built, so you can customize for your photos. This can be a small scroller as an element on a page, or it can be as big as the page it

Each image can be a link to another page within your site or in another site.

Alarm Clocks
Cheering Figures
Colored Pencils
Doctor with Apple
Figures with Building Blocks
Letters on a Sheet
Moon in Shadow
Prairie Flower
St Patrick Celebration

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